Poggio Mandorlo

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Mr. Filippo Paoletti

A lot of good things in our life happen by accident and it’s just like this that I began cooperating with Poggio Mandorlo.

I was long since interested in the wonderful territory of DOCG Montecuoco with its mountain, valleys and its generous volcanic soil. The sides of Mount Amiata aren’t only a pre-mountain landscape but also and above all a succession of little zones with a very high wine gift. The microclimate mitigated by the winds from Maremma and the extraordinary richness of the volcanic soils make this zone a little paradise for the production of quality wines. And it has been by accident that one day a group of friends who had joined to produce wine, invited me to visit their business. The first time I saw Poggio Mandorlo I understood that it was a particular place, a mix of climatic and agronomic conditions I had never met before. The sensation I had is that it was a spot to listen and understand, where there was no place for straining or banalities.

A winemaker in Poggio Mandorlo cannot be the main character, but only a stooge on the terroir’s service, that is the real protago- nist and star performer.

My approach with oenology has always been characterized by humility, meant as putting myself on the wine’s service, not to mould it, but to help it expressing; I think this philosophy is the only one suitable for Poggio Mandorlo’s reality. In front of a so big potentiality you cannot but put yourself aside, working not to give your style to the wines, but to exalt the real nature of this place. And it’s like this that I plan my job, trying to obtain the maximum from each vineyard, in order to achieve the maximum expression of the terroir without exaggerating.

Each grape has its history and exigencies, so each species of vine is turned into wine in different ways, in order to express it at its best. Technology helps a lot the technician in his work, the knowledge dictates times and ways in our work, but it is all useless if you don’t have clear in your mind that the real soul of the wines produced is not in our intentions but in the environment that surrounds us.

Producing great wines in Poggio Mandorlo not only is possible, but simply natural. The excellent technology available in the winery, the meticulous care of the vineyards and the deep knowledge of the zone allow operating in an excellent way and obtaining several different wines, fascinating and unique in their complexity.

The freshness of Guardiano, the variety’s precision of La Querce and the powerful structure of Poggiomandorlo demonstrate how great is the potential of this corner of Tuscany. Our wines have a great evolutionary potential and time is an ally for our bottles

that, in the course of time, present with always new emotions, also thanks to the wise and always moderate use of woods.

Poggio Mandorlo is a reality made of earth, passion and knowledge, where the absolute quality every day rewards the work of peo- ple which dedicate their life at producing great wines. A reality that with no shadow of doubt in the future will give always bigger satisfactions to those who appreciate not only flavours and tastes but also the soul and personality of wine.